I had to laugh today!


I have been so excited for this years Christmas card. Specifically the photo part of the card. I planned it for months in my head. I did research etc.

When the time finally came for the execution of the photo it went nearly flawlessly. There were a few things I would do differently looking back but mostly it was perfect. Certainly good enough.

Then it was time to edit the photo and write the greeting and then send the cards. Well, I used SendOutCards to do my sending. It’s been a while since I last used SOC so many of the addresses have changed. I didn’t realize this until I had sent out the cards. So there are some people who won’t get cards because they’ve moved. Now, this is ironic because I put on the card that we had moved (because it was funny) but we haven’t actually moved. So the poor people who moved are left out because they’ve moved.

Well, I couldn’t have that so I got out my address book and went to SOC to make the necessary changes and re-send cards to the correct address. However, I was able to get 2 cards sent before I inadvertantly deleted the entire address book in SOC.


So, I am sending you, beloved blog readers, those who keep in touch through the year, a card on this here blog.


The card you may get in your mailboxes would have this photo on the front:

And when you flipped it open it would have this photo on the top part:

And underneath that photo it would read:

Merry Christmas 2011 from the Bearce family

See more on our blog at


And on the bottom half of the inside you’d read this:

Wasn’t it Matt Foley who said, “You’re not going to amount to Jack Squat! You’re gonna end up eating a steady diet of government cheese and livin’ in a van down by the river.” Old Mr. foley sure knows a lot about the current socio-economic climate. Jay & I had to face up to our own fiscal realities this year. After reading a book by Dave Ramsey we embarked on the total money make-over adventure and are now nearly debt free! We joke about it a lot but to be truthful it wasn’t always easy to make the necessary sacrifices. 

We are thankful that business is good for Jay. I continue to host a ladies tea on Fridays. 

Clint moved in with us in October. He is going to school here. We love having him! He’s a BIG blessing. Claire (11 on Christmas), Luke (9), and Jack (6 until February) are a joy! We are just one big happy family.

Work, church, school and family time is our life right now. It’s awesome!

We hope this card finds you and yours happy and well adjusted. Have a happy 2012 and remember Jesus is the only way to God and true, lasting peace.

So, there you have it. The 2011 Bearce family Christmas card.

If you are lucky enough to get the real thing I won’t be surprised if it stays on your fridge all year long. On the other hand I won’t be offended if it ends up in a landfill within a week. :)

Next year I’ll see if I can’t manage something more glamorous.

If you did not get a card in the mail and you want one let me know. :)


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